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Quilting Services

hunter starQuilting prices don't include batting or backing. Everyone has their own preferences. You may provide your own batting and backing or purchase them from me. I use 100% cotton thread either solid or variegated. Binding service is available to finish your quilt. There are other sevices available.

Quilting/Basting Prices:

Quilting prices are based on square inches (width x length x price)

Example: 80" x 108" = 8640" x price


Edge to Edge

Type A

This is a pantograph pattern from edge to edge either in rows or interlocking patterns

$.015 per square inch

Minimum $25.00

Edge to Edge

Type B

This type contains more complex pantograph patterns and freehand meander

$.02 per square inch

Minimum $35.00

Detail Quilting



This type contains separate border treatments, individual block designs, sashing treatments, and stitch in the ditch techniques. This also includes following the blue dots on X-stitch quilts.

$.03- $.05 per square inch

depending on complexity

Minimum $50.00-$70.00

Basting for hand quilters

Basting stitches in horizontal rows every three to four inches the length of your quilt. (No more crawling on the floor)


$20.00 for up to twin size $25.00 full to king size



You may purchase your batting from Country Home Quilting & More or supply your own batting. Just make sure batting is 6 inches larger on all sides of the top.

Stock the following battings:



Comfort Loft Lightweight poly- can be layered for thicker batting sold by the yard
80/20 this is a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester sold by the package and by the yard
Thermore very light weight (good for garments ,table runners and placemats) sold by the package
Others on request    



I stock 100% cotton bleached and unbleached muslin in 90" and 120" wide backing fabric.


90 " wide bleached or unbleached muslin $10.00 per yard
120" wide bleached or unbleached muslin $15.00 per yard

Beds sheets are not accepted.


100% cotton thread is used in quilting your quilt. Most solid colors are available and many variegated colors. Thread is charged at $2.00 per bobbin.


Binding Service:

I prepare double fold French binding from customer's fabric or muslin used on the back. Binding is charged by the linear inch. Linear inches are calculated by adding length x 2 plus width of quilt x 2 (ex. 80" + 80" + 180" + 180" = 376"). Most quilts need 1 yard of fabric for binding, and bias binding needs 2 yards (extra fabric will be returned with quilt).


Half binding Machine applied to front and customer stitches it to the back $.08 per linear inch
Full binding #1 Machine applied to front and hand sewn on back with sewn miter corners $.20 per linear inch
Full binding #2 Machine applied to the back and machine stitched down on the front $.15 per linear inch
Full binding #3 The backing brought to the front and machine stitched down on the front $.12 per linear inch
Bias Binding Full binding for curved edge quilts like wedding ring $.25 per linear inch


Miscellaneous labor charges:

Pressing of top or back $5.00 each
Seaming of the back $5.00 per seam
Squaring up of the back $5.00
Repairs (to be able to put in machine) $12.00 per hour


Shipping(if don't live with driving distance of studio):


Preparing your quilt for quilting:



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