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Custom T-Shirt Quilts

Quilts are made from your special T-shirts and sweatshirts, just send me your shirts and get back a special quilt.

Traditional: made of T-shirts and/or sweatshirts stabilized with a non-woven interfacing and cut into a uniform size. Small logos can be combined into a single block. A 3-4 inch border and binding of 100% cotton fabric to finish your quilt.

Traditional with sashing: this style adds 2 inch sashing strips between each T-shirt with 100% cotton fabric. A 3-4 inch border and binding to finish your quilt.

T-Shirt Quilts

Non-traditional: This style is with other blocks alternating with shirt blocks or putting them together like a puzzle with different size blocks.



Labor costs:$12.00 per hour to create quilt top, this includes: preparing shirts (stabilizing and cutting, and sewing the top)

Fabric costs: 100% cotton fabric for borders, sashing, binding, and back, batting @ purchase price.

Machine quilting: charged at the type B price(length x width x $.02). These quilts are quilted with all-over meandering to be able to quilt carefully over the logos and secure the shirts in the quilt.

Binding is charged @ full binding price.

Add: The cost of return shipping, handling and insurance.


The cost of most completed t-shirt quilts average about $25.00 per shirt.

Please contact me for a consultation and custom quote.


To commission your quilt:

A 50% deposit is required to start your quilt, send freshly laundered shirts(no fabric softener in washer or dryer as it will keep stabilizer from adhering), sending a few extras (unused shirts will be returned). I don't recommend including shirts that the logo/design is peeling off or damaged. DO NOT cut the shirts apart, please send them whole. Will give shipping instructions at time of commission.

If you live within driving distance of the studio please email to schedule an appointment.

Deadline for Christmas orders is September 1 and deadline for Graduation orders is Feburary 1 due to only being able to accept limited number.



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